Joanna ColwellPrenatal Yoga
with Kelly Hickey

Sundays, Beginning Oct 8
3:00 - 4:15 pm

Whether you're new to yoga or have an existing practice these prenatal yoga sessions will help you reduce fatigue, back pain, swelling and digestive disorders related to your pregnancy. We will focus on developing a strong and flexible physical body and calm mind as you prepare for delivery and beyond. Classes will include a guided centering, breathing exercise, a posture practice with modifications made as your pregnancy progresses, and a meditation to strengthen the connection with your baby. Classes will allow time to share questions and concerns with each other in a safe and loving environment. *No previous yoga experience is necessary. However, BEFORE you begin consult with your doctor or midwife about this and any exercise program.

Joanna ColwellAbout Our Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Kelly Hickey has been a student of Hatha yoga since 1995. Since 2004 she has enjoyed teaching both adults and children in Vermont. She has completed training in Radiant Child Yoga I & II, “Om Shree Om” Children’s Yoga Teacher Training with gifted teacher Christine McArdle-Oquendo, and 3 Levels of the Anusara Immersion Program with Sara Rose and Deb Neubauer. She received her 200hr CYT through Marianne Wells Yoga School in Dec 2015 and in Dec 2016 completed an 85 hr PYTT with Beth Kruger at Prenatal Method Studio, Vermont. Working with children and families is where Kelly's heart feels fullest and her soul enriched.

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